Birding on Dartmoor

Dartmoor is special in many ways. Ornithologically, it has many features that make it different from other upland areas of Britain. It may lack the sheer number of species found in the grander mountainous uplands of the north, but it does have a certain mix of lowland heath species and upland species that is unique in these islands.

Dartmoor Nature Tours provide birding walks at a relaxed and leisurely walking pace with a guide who has lived and worked in the area for twenty years.

The Devon Birdwatching & Preservation Society provides news reports and within the society is the Dartmoor Study Group whose chaiman, Roger Smaldon, has produced a very informative book The Birds of Dartmoor. Since the mid 1990s the group has carried out survey work on breeding Nightjars, largely in plantation areas; during the winter monthly counts of roosting Hen Harriers, and intensive study of a particular area of the moor for breeding Whinchats and Stonechats. Other work has been covering the moor for the BTO Dartford Warbler Survey, and taking part in their wintering Golden Plover and Lapwing Survey.

Devon County Council have produced a digital guide to wildlife in Devon  which includes a guide to the local nature reserves on Dartmoor and in the wider county of Devon this provides a good overall picture of the wildlife places to seek out birds.

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